Bucket of Lies

from by Parallel Play



You took apart my toy
Despite having one
To see if that fun havin' is so genuine
It's getting hard to sell
That you're so swell
Well I gotta tale for you in a place called hell
And in that dwelling is a one way ticket

That sugary coat so dainty
An accompanied quote so campy
You can put a big bow and lipstick on it
But all underneath it's a bucket of lies
The size of a fool you make me
Advertising the duel on marques
You can throw a big show and put spin on it
But all underneath it's a bucket of lies

Now that you've got the toy
It ain't quite the same
Your heart raced from name calling
The act's most of the game
You gotta fit the cause
To get the most applause
A tall tale with fingers crossed to prolong that lost
And it just cost you your initial intentions

Light alone tells
Far the one fell
Currency tips your scales
Hypocrisy fills your pale like water

Overflowing but not making it known
Go for the throat but now your nature is shown
Stacking the tactics for blaming
And you're Lacking the fact checks for claiming
Gotta certain set of lines for the ladies
Then certain set of lines for their babies
Alarming you're running
For something other than felon
Harming those you're telling
Kinda charming how you're selling


from Bucket of Lies, released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Parallel Play Dallas, Texas

The members of Parallel Play grew up as alternative music driven individuals but have now found themselves invading the folk genre. Still, their "alternative" roots are represented in full musically and in spirit. Their discography includes folk renditions of alternative favorites like Green Day's "Pulling Teeth", The Cranberries "Linger" and Gin Blossoms "Found Out About You". FOLK ON! ... more

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