from by Parallel Play



With another in your head
Won't remember what's been said
You gloss over papers read
Two leaf clover has been left

In a bottleneck with my options low as you leverage your truth
I'm intolerant to the portions now that define you
Your pocketbook made dotted lines that go down the center of me
Nobody took the allotted time to set these feelings free

The bottleneck has the right of way when one goes through
This rebuttal won't make the light of day to denounce you
Your statements were premeditated depictions of me
Bait and switch that's stamped and dated said to set us free

Mark above your mark for
A parted love that's far torn


from Bucket of Lies, released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Parallel Play Dallas, Texas

The members of Parallel Play grew up as alternative music driven individuals but have now found themselves invading the folk genre. Still, their "alternative" roots are represented in full musically and in spirit. Their discography includes folk renditions of alternative favorites like Green Day's "Pulling Teeth", The Cranberries "Linger" and Gin Blossoms "Found Out About You". FOLK ON! ... more

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